About Us

Aspiration meets invention here, candour fosters cooperation and the impossible yields to teamwork. We support those who are daring enough to accomplish the remarkable.

We at Abhijit Kundu & Associates are a consulting organisation that assists the world's most visionary changemakers in defining the future. Being headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, we collaborate as one team with our clients to accomplish amazing outcomes, beat the competition, and revolutionise industries.

To offer better, quicker, and more durable results, we combine our specialised, integrated knowledge with a thriving ecosystem of digital entrepreneurs.

Our Legacy
Our 12-year pledge to spend more on pro bono services connects us with groups confronting today's most pressing issues in education, racial fairness, social justice, economic growth, and the environment.

What We Believe
We think that people who push themselves to be outstanding should inspire others to do the same. And that doing the correct thing is never simple, but it is always worthwhile.

Why Us?
Global leaders flock to us to address game-changing problems. Our distinct approach to change management assists in structuring, orchestrating, and enabling long-term success.

We are honoured to be recognised as one of the finest places to work in this country, a pioneer of multiculturalism, and an example of personal accountability.